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About Us

Aquarein Water Purifiers & RO Systems, founded in 2014, is one of the best sellers of Water Purifiers, Water Filters, RO Systems & Industrial RO Plants in Kerala. Along with our happy customers and re-sellers, we are look forwarding to grow our networks and put our footprints in the business of Purification. Aquarein is trying to to be a part of our livelihood by providing purified drinking water to all. The brand plans to accomplish this by selling water purifiers and reverse osmosis system all over Kerala. The name alone should be enough to make this a brand worthy of your attention.  Aquarein re-discovering the purity in drinking water. We are living in a planet were drinking water is polluting every second

  • Water is life
  • Water is necessary for a life on earth, 
  • Water is a source of food, health and energy, 
  • Fresh Water makes the existence of civilization on earth.

Human actions makes this planet at risk, Aquarein product range starts from Water Filters, which works on Gravity, it means Electricity is no matter for the Purification. Here we are Saving our life and our Energy. Start to Drink Safe, with our best in class service facility of 6 months unlimited replacement# warranty on Water Filter Catridge, 1 year warranty# for Housings and other equipment s. be with Aquarein to start a safe drinking habit.


To be one of the successful corporation through loyalty, integrity, honesty,cohesiveness and professionalism.


Be different in other way to be competitive in the market by offering good after sales service to our customer